Doula Nadia

Nadia La Russa


Nadia has been practicing as a birth doula since July 2006. She was trained by Doulas of North America (DONA), and is a proud member of Doula C.A.R.E. Presently, she is supporting women and families in the Thunder Bay Area. Nadia believes in offering support to a labouring woman by helping her achieve the birth experience that she desires. She works with women and families to develop birth plans, and utilizes a wide range of comfort measures, support, massage and reassurance to help a woman during the birth process. It is her philosophy that every expecting mother deserves to have unconditional emotional, physical and spiritual support throughout her pregnancy, and especially during labour and delivery. She has had the privilege of working with many women, families, physicians and midwives since starting as a doula and considers it an honour to be invited to attend a birth. Nadia looks forward to assisting labouring women for many years to come!